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Q.  Why are there three price fields/options?

When listing an item you will be presented three price options for fixed price classifieds.

I. Price: This is for collected items or when a agreement has been made with the buyer.

2. Price and post national:  When you are posting within the country of origin.

3. Price and post International: When you are posting an item outside the country of origin.

You can use all three but you must add a value to at least one field.  This method makes it easier for the purchaser to make the decision to buy.

Q. Can I post a wanted add?

A.  Yes you can.

Select Catergory=Car model.  


Item Type=Wanted Add

Price fields= ignore

Complete all the remaining fields.

Q. Does the site take a commission from the Pay-Pal sale or from PayPal later?

A.  No the sale is transacted directly between the seller and the buyer using Pay-Pal. Or as in pick up by direct degotiation. The site extracts no commission or fee from the seller or buyer apart from a small listing charge.

Q. What if I don't have Pay-Pal or don't want to use it?

A. The site is based on a Pay-Pal quick payment option.  A Pay-Pal account is required.

Q. What if I submitted an add and it has not appeared or been removed?

A. The site requires high quality images. If your submission has not appeared or has been deleated it is possible it has been deemed unsuitable. This can be because there is a stack of similar adds on the site already, poor image quality or not to the desired standard or category. This is up to the site admin and no discussion will be entered into. It could also be that the Admin person has just not got to yours.

Q. What if I don't want to sell internationally?

A. Thats OK you can only sell locally or nationally or any combination of the three options.  You only need to choose one price field, in the listing form, just put a '0' zero in the price fields you don't want to use.

Q. What if I failed to include postage/delivery in the price,  want to add more information or change the description?

A.  It is the listers/sellers responsibility to transact the sale. If you omit details or wish to add more details you can edit the add or contact the site admin.